XXL #1

Cédrix Crespel, FENX, TILT, JonOne

05.12.2016 – 30.01.2017

XXL #1, an annual event organised by the Montresso* Art Foundation presents four artists who are emblematic of a generation marked by counter-culture and urban culture: Cédrix Crespel, Fenx, Tilt and JonOne.

Four visions that led the artists to step out of the box and to occupy the walls, the floor and the entire space. In turn, Cédrix Crespel, Fenx, TILT and JonOne transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to present “A” history of current creation. Thanks to major pieces, they formulate a relevant reflection on the very essence of this generational committed painting, between abstraction, Pop Art, Graffiti and Conceptual Art.

Exhibition presented from 05 december 2016 to 30 january 2017 at Montresso* art space