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04.12.2017 – 31.01.2018

« Un rêve plus long que la nuit » reveals JonOne’s relentless creation over the past 30 years and questions the issue of breaking norms and non-conformity.

In Morocco, the artist draws deep inspiration and pushes the possibilities of the mediums he uses to their limits. The canvas serves as a screen that calls for the possibility of liberation, in an ultimate physical encounter with the artist. The material escapes from the canvas to land on the floors and walls of his studio in Jardin Rouge. The labyrinths created by the flow of material on the canvas induce a certain automatism of gesture that serves to break down any distancing between art and life.

The superimposition of considerable layers of writing, to the point of illegibility, is fascinating for the viewer. By creating his subtle layers, charged with an undeniable graphic strength, JonOne seems to deliver a sound painting, that of our cities. The viewer can then simply enjoy contemplating rather than looking at what is seen.

Exhibition presented from 04 december 2017 to 31 january 2018 at Montresso* art space