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Hendrik Beikirch

05.12.2014 – 17.01.2015

Hendrik Beikirch is an eternal explorer and pays tribute to the singular beauty of the ordinary. In Morocco, the idea came naturally to observe these women and men who perpetuate traditional gestures in the souks, in the mountain villages or in the remote corners of the countryside.

« Tracing Morocco » is first and foremost the encounter of a man with a country and its people. The project highlights the nobility of these encounters and human passions. The artist made 22 portraits of Moroccans on canvas during his artistic residencies at Jardin Rouge. He then painted these faces on the walls of many cities around the world: New York, New Delhi, Oslo, Rome, Toulouse, Marrakech…

By changing their size and status, from classical portraiture to urban mural painting, the faces do not lose their realistic character, on the contrary, they emerge accentuated. Hendrik Beikirch’s work is the union of all opposites: a simple subject, a complex painting. A clear message, a spectacular scale. The universal and the individual coexist until they merge.

In collaboration with the artist, the Montresso* rt Foundation has also published an eponymous catalogue.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 05 december 2014 to 17 january 2015