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Yuri Averin

13.02 – 19.03.2017

Yuri Averin left his native Russia for the first time for a residency at Jardin Rouge in 2015. His encounter with Morocco is revealing, he discovers colours, rites, and initiates a reflection on the connection of African people to the earth.

Yuri Averin’s universe suggests inner dreams and permanently sends us back to the experience of immateriality. He sets the viewer’s soul in vibration and meditates on shapes and colours to find the ideal combinations that will make his abstraction a work of art. His geometrical partitions hint at evocations of masks and offerings…. The vertical lines describe the link between the world of sensations and the world of the unconscious.

Through their sacred forms, the works give rise to cryptic narratives in which the artist creates his own language. His painting is a breeze that emancipates itself from the canvas in search of harmony and balance in an unceasing movement. « Totemism » is a vibrant tribute to Nature.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 13 february to 19 march 2017