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Babou, Louis Granet, Michel Mirabal, SUN7

14.05 – 07.07.2018

The Collective presents the residency projects of BabouLouis GranetMichel Mirabal et SUN7.

An activist in the graffiti scene, Babou focuses his practice on the atmosphere of the night and the gesture of tagging. In Jardin Rouge, Babou interprets the creation of the universe in a series of wooden assemblages. The black matter and the void in the background let appear the creative fumes and the cosmic gases evoked by the sacred book of Islam.

Louis Granet bases his artistic practice on the links between comics and painting. The artist “tells” in his works what he perceived during his first days in Marrakech. The dilapidated walls, the abrupt calligraphy and the plethora of handwritten signs echo this lived reality. The artist represents a form of reality, in a drawn articulation, both abstract and figurative.

Michel Mirabal plays with the symbols of patriotism and uses metaphors with real artefacts such as rice and barbed wire. The Cuban artist creates works that reflect a questioning national identity where sensitivity and resistance work side by side.

At Jardin Rouge, SUN7 begins a very personal project by opening a discussion between himself and his father through the letter he left him, like a last word. The artist dialogues by rewriting this letter again and again, rubbing, scratching, thinning the paper. What remains is the black ink of the writing, the red of an ever present love. In her research, the artist finds another way of writing, a totem of her emotions.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 14 may to 07 july 2018