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Markus Genesius, Omar Mahfoudi, Valérie Newland, SUN7

May 2017

The Collective presents the residency projects of Markus Genesius, Omar Mahfoudi, Valérie Newland and SUN7.

Markus Genesius is developing an iconography around the MIRE, a television pattern that is anchored in all memories. The artist presents his first sculptures, abstractions structured by blades of glass revealing a three-dimensional test pattern, a symbol of nihilism and of this society of immediacy.

Delivering with a rare honesty his vision of the paradoxes of contemporary society, Omar Mahfoudi belongs to this generation of artists who are reappropriating a freedom of expression and movement, leaving behind the cautious paths of self-censorship. The artist confronts his political references and deconstructs the military portrait towards the torn sensitivity of the individual, far from the representation of power.

Valérie Newland approaches femininity through the semantics of thread. At Jardin Rouge, the artist immerses herself in the immaculate colours and experiences the singularity of Moroccan wool skeins. For a while, she changes the light, in order to extend her formal syntax by following her expressive line, the one charged through repetition, with a power of emotional transmission.

SUN7 reveals a series of drawings, in the continuity of his research on the letter as a line, a vector of energy.

Jardin Rouge Residency- Salle des Casques – May 2017