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Roxane Daumas, Tania Mouraud, Maya-Inès Touam, Fatiha Zemmouri

1.11 – 4.12.2019

« There are treasures everywhere » explores in an open dialogue the physical and intimate territories of four artists: Roxane Daumas, Tania Mouraud, Maya-Inès Touam and Fatiha Zemmouri. She invite us to think about this singular notion of treasure. The works presented are imbued with meaning and summon our appetite for philosophy, writing, matter and quite simply, to life.

Roxane Daumas links the inner stories of men to those of cities. Urban architecture, with its wounds and stigmas, becomes the extension of intimate confessions. In her works, she reveals the fragile and tangible balance of our existences.

Tania Mouraud never stops questioning the aesthetic assumptions in art. In Morocco, she is fascinated by the work of the weavers and finds a different relationship to time and the sacred. With her strange algorithm of mixed words, she shared with these women the secret sounds of poetry.

Maya-Inès Touam, in her obsessive quest to collect, reveals to us the troubling combinations of our interiors and our personal histories. She detaches herself from the iconography of the object to reveal a dreamlike and plural reading.

For her first collaboration with the Montresso* Art Foundation, Fatiha Zemmouri reflects on the way in which an artwork takes shape and grows. Suspended in the void, weightless, her works reveal the preliminary manifestations of a work of art.

Exhibition presented from november 1st to 04 december 2019 at Montresso* art space