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02.10 – 15.11.2017

For two years, on the occasion of his regular visits to Jardin Rouge, FENX has initiated an eminently particular work, which experiences freedom in its theme as well as in its formats.

« Ring My Belle » uses the imagery of the ritualisation of the ring as one of those spaces outside of time, the artist chooses to expose a taboo and presents her contemporary female warriors on canvas.

Like Amazons inhabiting our imagination, FENX’s boxers are in turn powerful, dominant, seductive and intimidating. In her paintings, the Woman seems to contain such a complete and powerful image of life, beauty, courage and vulnerability. It is life itself that is depicted in her pictorial dialogue of bodies. The artist seeks to deconstruct stereotypes and questions the recognition of women’s identity, their abilities and their personal choices.

FENX oscillates between legend and reality. The traces left by her priestesses are like punches on the canvas. They devour the world and dazzle us with their imposing presence. At the end of the journey, the myth really exists.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 02 october to 15 november 2017