Michael REESE

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Born in 1964 in New York.
He lives and works in Atlanta (USA).

Michael Reese holds a BFA in Photography from the College of Art in Atlanta and explores themes related to family history and identity. « I am a photographer so I have become the historian of my own family. »

Using historical and personal archives, the artist takes a unique look at black American memory and the construction of his own narrative. From the time of slavery to the time of police violence, via segregation, Michael Reese, like a witness, questions the difficulty of being black in the United States. He questions the permanence of the stigma and violence suffered by African-Americans. « The history of Blacks in America is the history of America. And it is not a pretty story, » lamented the great African-American writer James Baldwin. This phrase still resonates loudly today.

He is very involved in his community and works on various projects run by the local cultural centre. For him, this is an excellent way to bring art to remote populations that do not go to museums. His work can be found in many public and private collections in the United States including Delta Airlines, The High Museum, Clark University, Hartsfield Jackson Airport.