Montresso Art Space

In 2016, the Montresso Art Foundation inaugurates the Montresso Art Space, a place dedicated to international contemporary creation, located in Marrakesh, a city of openness to a world in movement and the gate to a vibrant and multiple Africa. The space will reveal emerging as well as established artists on a land of contrast, with works that resonates with inter-cultural dialogues.
The artistic line is limitless, open and protean.

The will is to see erecting a place of passage, interaction, questioning and discussion to contribute to making Marrakesh an art city with international dimension.

Each cultural season allows art lovers to discover several exhibitions. The itinerant programme for support to creation and diffusion IN-DISCIPLINE marks the high point of the season. The Montresso Art Space also hosts the presentation of the Montresso Collection, an event that provides an opportunity to take each year a thematic look at the Foundation’s permanent collection.
Both are presented alternately with exhibitions featuring internationally renowned artists.