Olivier MONGE

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Born in 1974.
He lives and works in Marseille (France).

Olivier Monge is a photographer and a member of the agency MYOP. He graduated from the ENS Louis Lumière.

His work in the large-format chamber essentially deals with the representation of the territory and the impact of man on his environment. The idea of heritage is at the core of his concerns and his work. Driven by a cross-disciplinary approach combining a contemporary artistic viewpoint and sensitivity to the current challenges of leisure destinations, he has carried out major projects in ski stations and the creeks of Marseille. More recently, in residence at the Montresso* Art Foundation, he produced a work about water in Marrakech. Alongside his long-term artistic projects, he regularly collaborates with the national and international press (Libération, Le Monde, Stern…).

Among his many publications, we can mention Nice, hier et aujourd’hui, Gilletta, 2003, Le port de Nice des origines à nos jours, 2004, La promenade des Anglais, Territoire, 2005, Nice Torino, Territoire-Gilletta-Happax, 2007.
He is also co-founder of the association Territoire and of the photo gallery Fermé Le Lundi (Closed on Mondays) of which he is artistic director.