Ignacio LOBERA

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Born in 1989.
He lives and works in Madrid (Spain).

Ignacio Lobera was born in Logroño in Spain. From an early age, he developed a passion for illustrating languages, which led him to study Fine Arts.

The artist deepens his research on the stereotypes linked to the image of the femme fatale from the fifties, as well as on the old and current mythologies. He explores through drawing the paradoxes of these different cultures.

Ignacio Lobera explores the capacity of drawing by working on the line, graphic elements are reduced to the minimum, thus allowing expression. Thanks to a typological study of his subjects and an obsession to find new ways of considering and exhibiting the medium, Ignacio Lobera delivers a unique work, a kind of shadow theater. The distortion of shapes produced by perspective thus allows the viewer to see without being seen.