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Hom Nguyen

14.10 – 20.11.2017

The Montresso* Art Foundation gives carte blanche to the artist Hom Nguyen with the exhibition « Lifeline ».

The works of Hom Nguyen are just as non-conformist as his personality.The artist captures facial expressions with a dynamic, brutal, almost animal stroke, thus unmasking the subject. The gaze is not limited to the eyes, because beyond them, a consciousness, a story or an emotion communicate with others. Abstract volumes take shape and let us see an emotion in motion. From love to indifference, Hom Nguyen’s eyes connect us to the human condition.

The artist imposes on the viewer a pause. His pencil technique creates a confusion, inviting the audience to take the time to see, to appreciate the volumes, and to discover behind the abstraction of the lines, our inner self. Hom Nguyen’s work coexists between abstraction and figuration.

Exhibition presented from 14 october to 20 november 2017 at Montresso* art space