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Cédrix Crespel

21.10 – 26.11.2019

A change of dogma. « Ligne Bleue » is that: a new postulate, a new line, a blue line.

In this project, there is first of all the unique colour scheme. As a tribute. To Marrakech, the city that saw Cédrix Crespel reborn. To the giants too. Those who shaped his vision. Matisse, Monory, Klein, of course. Saint-Laurent. The artist forces the gesture to surpass itself. Monochromy is not a caprice. It is a stimulant, a lever, a dogma that stops artifice and leads to the essential.

Then, or above all, the combination. That of the spring and what it gives birth to. That of photography and painting. It is no longer a question of representing or translating the amorous correspondences of the Crespel entity. Cédrix Crespel pursues the ambition to create and capture a « third entity » on the spiritual union he shares with his wife. From the parade to the act, the scriptures unite and synthesise. The dogma is thus common. So is « Ligne Bleue ».

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 21 october to 26 november 2019