09.12.2019 – 04.02.2020

« Les Petits Papiers » is part of the continuity of a research work on the matter started five years ago at Jardin Rouge. The presentation is the result of several residencies of reflection and confrontation with himself.

A child of street-culture, Cédric Lascours a.k.a RESO makes his artistic practice a way of life and moves from the street to the studio without contradiction.

RESO presents here his precious Talismans. The essence of his works is no longer outside but reveals close magical objects. The letters are no longer visible, his “little papers” create a world of signs, repetitive rhythms and colourful vibrations. The works give the illusion of a completely different truth. By deceiving the viewer, the artist plays a game, a subtle game, and pushes us to undergo the temptation to replace the sense of sight with that of touch. Through the artefact of the material, his works disrupt our reality.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 09 december 2019 to 04 february 2020