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Born in 1996.
She lives and works in Tetouan (Morocco).

Graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan, Sabrine Lahrach gives to discover a sensitive and poetic work. It is essentially a question of family, transmission and memory in her work. 

These memories are drawn from a sweet and joyful childhood. No clean sweep of the past, the artist reflects on what builds us humanly, culturally and socially. She subtly chooses her materials: needles, beads, threads, papers… symbols of the resurgence of her tender age. In mirror, she makes emerge sewing machines, organs of the human body… they are the new allegories of a history where innocence is next to the conscience of the being.
Slowly, Sabrine Lahrach experiments, imagines a new alphabet, composes another narrative. The stakes are high, it is a question of figuring her emotions and sharing the things of life that bind us and shape us.

Nominated for the TGCC Foundation’s Mustaqbal Prize, she also won the first prize of Tanger Med and the BRAND YOUR MOROCCO AND YOUR AFRICA in 2018.