Benjamin LAADING


Born in 1982.
He lives and works in Paris (France).

A marked dyslexia makes him follow the Steiner education and develops in him a strong sensitivity to the image. After 10 years of alternative painting, he was accepted at the Villa Arson, from where he graduated.

Two simple and immense words sum up Benjamin Laading’s work: time and space. These are the almost unique themes of his artistic research, his obsession.

Working on misinterpretations and mishaps, Benjamin Laading transfigures a fast urban gesture into a slow and controlled composition. His dimensional approach transposes the infinitely small into the infinitely large.

In the purity of his monochrome backgrounds, the artist pays tribute to the pure line. The artist also reveals his sensitivity to the world and establishes a close relationship with nature, not in its effects but in its substance. The artist’s work is in itself an artistic documentation of movement, an artistic documentation of his multiple research on gesture.