Gauthier GENET

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Born in 1980.
He lives and works in Toulouse (France).

Gauthier Genet’s intention seems to be to make the impalpable visible. From his training as an industrial designer, we find in his works this quest for perfect form, balance and the sublime. Fascinated by sacred geometry, he puts into perspective the plural beauty of nature and of humans.

With precision, the artist fragments and transfigures bodies. He dreams of the living in a symbolic and imaginary perception, far from the canonical laws of representation. A multidisciplinary artist, Gauthier Genet invokes multiple meanings in his art. These abstract bodies, these vertical and dark masses are like finite points that mark the space. On the contrary, the thread-like compositions open our gaze to infinite, fragmented points. The whole is adorned with enough mystery for each work to resonate with the viewer in a singular way.

He participated in the Mister Freeze exhibitions in Toulouse, France and presented his first solo exhibition in 2018 at the Anthony Roth gallery in Paris, France.