Markus GENESIUS | WOW123


Born in 1974.
He lives and works in Bremen (Germany).

Markus Genesius (WOW 123) is a German artist who has worked on city walls for many years. From his graffiti-influenced pictorial language emerges an individual variation of the MIRE motif, whose ever-recognisable character is examined for its possibilities of formal abstraction.

Like the great Picasso, whom he admires, Markus Genesius wanted to master drawing to perfection and then turn to the less obvious form of abstraction. In his works, he puts constructivist approaches to concrete art into perspective through MIRE. The artist also works on a three-dimensional aesthetic, canvas, glass and wood become mediums.

The pausing of media exposure, which the calibration test pattern represents for at least two generations, acts as a manifesto in these times of uninterrupted access to mobile media and the virtualisation of human existence. The artist symbolises nihilism and offers a pause to the viewer, the time for contemplation works in this society of immediacy.