14.05 – 05.07.2016

TILT travels the world and questions our expectations and prejudices, our habits and mental patterns. Painting has never been the art of representation but the art of codification where the power of primitive graffiti asserts itself.

Radical and singular, the artist does not limit himself to the problematic of aesthetics. On the contrary, TILT has created his own visual rhetoric and the codification of its meaning to make it capable of telling a story. This story is that of « his » Proust’s madeleines and the friendships born on his playgrounds. His language fulfills reality, it is life in the making.

Today, TILT continues to question the paradoxes of graffiti as art, and through his practice, he breaks down the labile and shifting boundaries of the work of art by sacralising the Extraction.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 14 may to 05 july 2016