Residency presentation



18.03.2023 – 06.05.2023

The transmission of an immaterial and shared feminine heritage is the cornerstone of Tina Tictone’s artistic creation. Her research between France and Morocco has given her the possibility to navigate in other places, other horizons. Strongly influenced by her residencies at Jardin Rouge and the meeting of weavers in the Atlas Mountains, her exploration of tapestry draws a new symbolism from the discovery of Berber culture.

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24.12.2022 – 25.02.2023

Through a corpus of figurative works, the artist invites us to discover a new humanistic and philosophical opus.
ECO SYSTEME, developed during the artist’s residencies at Jardin Rouge, questions the human being and the way he inhabits the world. In an anthropological approach, he questions the notion of identity, a timeless, general and major problematic intimately related to Mankind and his evolution.

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08.10.2022 – 10.12.2022

In the light of the steps of the great masters of the Renaissance and Romanticism, Wahib Chehata’s works offer a dialogue with what preceded us in the history of art. From this past, the artist has certainly kept the exaltation and the mystery, a capacity to juggle between the morbid and the sublime, a pure and subjective creative freedom immersed in compositions from ancient and sacred writings. Memories are here plural and reinterpreted according to the truths of each individual, not to a belief.

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28.05.2022 – 17.07.2022

MESOPOPOES is a playful and joyful interpretation of Mesopotamian writing. In this new body of work, the artist engraves multiple figures from the real and imaginary world.

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Cela doit-il être ? Cela est !

Roxane Daumas

26.03.2021 – 07.05.2022

Cela doit-il être, cela est ! If the title of this presentation refers to the song by Léo Ferré, “Muss es sein ? Es muss sein!”, it also embraces its meaning. To offer knowledge to all, to shift the gaze, to escape the big institutions and allow art to reach universality. The places, like the creations, are essentialized in this vital need for exchange with the greatest number.

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Les enfants de Yopougon – Maroc

Armand Boua

11.12.2021 – 18.02.2022

Native from the city of Abidjan, Armand Boua bases his work on the question of human nature, his culture and his situation within the large African metropolises. From the beginning of his career, after his studies at the Fine Arts School, the artist has been interested in the living conditions of street children, denouncing the precariousness and difficulties they encounter on a daily basis.

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People with beautiful eyes

Ignacio Lobera

02.10 – 20.11.2021

For the past three years, Ignacio Lobera has been a regular guest at the Jardin Rouge. From his research, emerges the will to decipher the ancient memory to put it in perspective with contemporary history. From fiction to reality, classical and modern tragedies have a common language: a character, a guilty action, a punishment.

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Prochain arrêt ?

Pascal Konan

19.04 – 30.06.2021

At Jardin Rouge, Pascal Konan experiences his residency as a laboratory. He explores the art of recycling and imposes on his practice the awareness that everyone must take part in this apprehension. In a context where social divisions and the degradation of our environment are increasing, Pascal Konan evokes in a non-tragic choreography the challenges of tomorrow. We can see the dream and the desire for a different society, for unaligned utopias.

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(Entre-Deux) Corps

Isabel Alonso Vega, Bence Magyarlaki

08.02 – 30.03.2021

« (entre-deux) Corps », a presentation of the residencies of artists Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki, questions, in a singular way, the experience of our being in the world. If the conscious being is in the world through his body, it is also in the world through his impulses and emotions. It is these different elements that Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki present.

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Water, Please

Olivier Monge

07.12.2020 – 17.01.2021

For more than fifteen years, Olivier Monge has travelled the world to photograph the invisible. In Morocco, and more precisely in Marrakech, he has taken up the subject of the city’s identity and ancestral heritage to develop a photographic narrative produced during his artistic residencies at Jardin Rouge.

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My Dear Friend

Mohamed Said Chair

28.09 – 22.11.2020

A self-taught artist, it is only after a few years spent in the world of finance, that Mohamed Said Chair traded his suit to devote himself full time to his passion.

« My Dear Friend » celebrates the meeting between two men, two artists, two generations; between Mohamed Said Chair and Skunkdog.

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Sunset Debris

Carla Busuttil

08.02 – 31.03.2020

Johannesburg-born Carla Busuttil presents « Sunset Debris », a body of work in which she addresses themes primarily related to the politics of power.
Au cœur de ses œuvres, des personnages occupant des espaces hyper-privatisés, tels des spectres du colonialisme et des inégalités des richesses.

At the heart of her work are characters occupying hyper-privatised spaces, like spectres of colonialism and wealth inequality.

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Les petits papiers


09.12.2019 – 04.02.2020

« Les Petits Papiers » is part of the continuity of a research work on the matter started five years ago at Jardin Rouge. The presentation is the result of several residencies of reflection and confrontation with himself.

A child of street-culture, Cédric Lascours a.k.a RESO makes his artistic practice a way of life and moves from the street to the studio without contradiction.

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Ligne Bleue

Cédrix Crespel

21.10 – 26.11.2019

A change of dogma. « Ligne Bleue » is that: a new postulate, a new line, a blue line.

In this project, there is first of all the unique colour scheme. As a tribute. To Marrakech, the city that saw Cédrix Crespel reborn. To the giants too. Those who shaped his vision. Matisse, Monory, Klein, of course. Saint-Laurent. The artist forces the gesture to surpass itself.

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Mouna Saboni

23.09 – 15.10.2019

« Traverser » questions a personal memory, intimately linked to the territory. Mouna Saboni is a French-Moroccan photographer whose identity has been forged by her origins. After having carried out long-term projects in the Palestinian territories and in Brazil, she is now travelling through Morocco in a true quest for identity, in order to study her own relationship with her immediate environment, as well as with the people she has met during her journey.

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The Collective – June 2019

Les Canailles, Thibault Laget-Ro, Valérie Newland, Ignacio Lobera

22.06 – 04.09.2019

The Collective is an opportunity to present the new projects and residents of the cultural season. This edition brings together the work of four artists.

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Divines Mascarades

Dominique Zinkpè

23.03 – 14.04.2019

Far from being confined to one form of expression, Dominique Zinkpè’s singular style is affirmed by a multidisciplinary practice: intimate, audacious, sometimes provocative.
« Divines Mascarades » takes us into the labyrinths of his creation. No doubt alluding to our human comedy, Dominique Zinkpè reveals a series of drawings in which mischievous characters, halfway between human and animal, mingle.

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Conditions Suspensives

David Mesguich

08.12.2018 – 30.01.2019

Through a versatile practice, David Mesguich questions the place of man in our urban environments, conditioned places, made of borders and limits that compartmentalize and restrict both freedom of movement and thought.

By transcending the limitations of the medium, the artist lists the components of an aesthetic of omnipresent control. « Suspensive Conditions » reveals a series of sculptures and drawings illustrating the fate of anonymous, stateless people caught in a physical or psychic in-between.

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Architectures Inachevées

Roxane Daumas

15.10 – 30.11.2018

« Architectures Inachevées » is in line with a visual research on fluctuating territories, a research that took root in Italy and continued in Morocco.

In this presentation, Roxane Daumas, a talented visual artist, presents eleven black stone drawings and a series of Polaroids on human immoderation, represented here by thoughtless constructions.

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The Collective – May 2018

Babou, Louis Granet, Michel Mirabal et SUN7

14.05 – 07.07.2018

The Collective presents the residency projects of Babou, Louis Granet, Michel Mirabal and SUN7.

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12.02 – 31.03.2018

« CCCP: Can’t crush crazy people » deciphers fragments of a life, of a life experience, and pays homage to the crazy, the marginalized and the various autodidacts… In a joyful and apparently harmless way, Skunkdog fights against the dogmatisms and fanaticism of our world. The social being is at the heart of his creation.

A kind of bizarre and paranoid Lucifer for some, a generous and sensitive epicurean for others, the artist calls for a return to reality and sensitivity.

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De l’Oural à l’Atlas

Denis Tevekov

17.11 – 15.12.2017

Denis Tevekov came to Jardin Rouge for the first time in 2011. Since then, he has been regularly exploring the Moroccan land.

“De l’Oural à l’Atlas” stems from a quest for the absolute and a fascination with the immense Russian and Moroccan spaces. There is a powerful composition in his paintings, a desire to break away, a rejection of dogma, a refusal of illusion.

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Ring my belle


02.10 – 15.11.2017

For two years, on the occasion of his regular visits to Jardin Rouge, FENX has initiated an eminently particular work, which experiences freedom in its theme as well as in its formats.

« Ring My Belle » uses the imagery of the ritualisation of the ring as one of those spaces outside of time, the artist chooses to expose a taboo and presents her contemporary female warriors on canvas.

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The Collective – May 2017

Markus Genesius, Omar Mahfoudi, Valérie Newland, SUN7

May 2017

La Collective presents the residency projects of Markus Genesius, Omar Mahfoudi, Valérie Newland and SUN7.

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Yuri Averin

13.02 – 19.03.2017

Yuri Averin left his native Russia for the first time for a residency at Jardin Rouge in 2015. His encounter with Morocco is revealing, he discovers colours, rites, and initiates a reflection on the connection of African people to the earth.

Yuri Averin’s universe suggests inner dreams and permanently sends us back to the experience of immateriality. He sets the viewer’s soul in vibration and meditates on shapes and colours to find the ideal combinations that will make his abstraction a work of art.

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Dos au mur


05.11 – 05.12.2016

Africa inspires Kouka and it is the African land that allowed him to meet the original civilisation: the Bantus. Kouka, the narrator, the philosopher, questions the mystery of being as a necessary question. What is a free man? In order to answer this question, he searched for the deepest roots of the human being, the African roots.

In his artistic reflection, Kouka now presents his warriors « Dos au mur ». The viewer is no longer facing the work, but is in some way with it.

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Benjamin Laading

03.10 – 31.10.2016

Two simple words sum up the artist’s work: time and space. After ten years of alternative painting and studies at the Villa Arson, this young dandy came to interrogate his work in Morocco during his artistic residency at Jardin Rouge.
Benjamin Laading transcribes in his work the ambiguity of a counterculture in an established system. The artist transforms a rapid urban gesture into a slow and controlled composition.

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14.05 – 05.07.2016

TILT travels the world and questions our expectations and prejudices, our habits and mental patterns. Painting has never been the art of representation but the art of codification where the power of primitive graffiti asserts itself.

Radical and singular, the artist does not limit himself to the problematic of aesthetics. On the contrary, TILT has created his own visual rhetoric and the codification of its meaning to make it capable of telling a story.

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Divine Comédie


10.04 – 16.04.2016

« Divine Comédie » playful and sensible response to the prevailing conformism. The artist uses humour and irony to make this series a poetic ode. He underlines the universality and timelessness of this testimony in favour of an uninhibited pictorial narrative, of a line clearly distorted in the space-time relationships.

Under the sun of Marrakech, in Jardin Rouge, the artist revisits the deadly sins to elaborate a hidden critique of the social and political situation of our world.

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Terrains de JE


12.10 – 15.11.2015

RESO does not claim to belong to any artistic movement, quite the contrary. It is a call towards the living and the human that he wants to make heard. His symbolic alphabet tells of his « Terrains de Je » of which he has preserved the memory. It is thus on these territories that the artist has built his universe.

It is during his Moroccan escapades that the artist was inspired by the atmosphere, the colours of this country which he appreciates for its authenticity.

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CEET, Goddog, Kashink, MADC

15.06 – 31.07.2015

« Red One » or a chanted name, a Moroccan resonance, like a call to multiple talents which, within Jardin Rouge, will become one! It is the meeting and the face to face of the zany universe of CEET, of the abstraction of Goddog’s motif, of Kashink’s shifted faces and MadC’s abstract letters. It is also the meeting of four artists who have one thing in common: they all started with a spray can in their hand.

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04.05- 07.06.2015

« Bantus – No(s) Culture(s) » marks the return of Kouka’s pacifist warriors to the continent. The artist questions traditions and cultures, the past and the present. He likes to remind us that while it is possible to take over a territory, it is not possible to take over a culture. Immobile, bare-chested, dressed in a simple loincloth and carrying a spear, the “Bantus” protect us and ensure the perpetuation of memory.

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Do you speak my language ?

Tarek Benaoum, Neuröne, SY, 310

13.02 – 12.03.2015

« Do you speak my language ? » is the narrative of the daily life of Jardin Rouge, the inscription of diverse visual expressions of Tarek Benaoum, originally from Salé, Neuröne from Marseilles, Sy from Saint Petersburg and 310 from Moscow.

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Ainsi soient-elles

Cédrix Crespel

07.02 – 08.03.2015

During his residencies at Jardin Rouge, Cédrix Crespel questioned contemporary oriental femininity, its paradoxes and ambiguities. « Ainsi-soient-elles » reveals a melody of love between the East and the West.

Cédrix Crespel’s painting translates the idea of absolute femininity through a masculine imagination, betraying what determines a woman’s relationship to her body and her femininity.

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Tracing Morocco

Hendrik Beikirch

05.12.2014 – 17.01.2015

Hendrik Beikirch is an eternal explorer and pays tribute to the singular beauty of the ordinary. In Morocco, the idea came naturally to observe these women and men who perpetuate traditional gestures in the souks, in the mountain villages or in the remote corners of the countryside.

« Tracing Morocco » is first and foremost the encounter of a man with a country and its people. The project highlights the nobility of these encounters and human passions.

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A En Rougir !


18.10 – 22.11.2014

Through the prism of his own gaze, FENX narrates a part of his intimate life and alludes to the social and cultural context of our time. He simply retranscribes the emotions and the life of a child of the 80s.

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Behind the red wall


23.05 – 15.07.2014

« Behind the Red wall » presents three generations of graffiti artists. These artists bear witness to the tremendous artistic vitality of this movement. By overturning conventions, graffiti gives new perspectives to contemporary art and is part of our daily life and collective imagery.

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