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08.10.2022 – 10.12.2022

In the light of the steps of the great masters of the Renaissance and Romanticism, Wahib Chehata’s works offer a dialogue with what preceded us in the history of art. From this past, the artist has certainly kept the exaltation and the mystery, a capacity to juggle between the morbid and the sublime, a pure and subjective creative freedom immersed in compositions from ancient and sacred writings. Memories are here plural and reinterpreted according to the truths of each individual, not to a belief.

His search for common origins takes him to West Africa, where he settles for several years. The Malian lands became his open-air studio. At the Bamako garbage dump, where this series was conceived, Wahib Chehata leans towards his subjects and captures scenes of life. The artist joins a tradition where the subject is close to him. He gets to know the subject, meets him, in order to better understand him and therefore represent him. There is a form of direction, of almost cinematographic and very symbolic staging in the creation of his compositions.

It is also the frontal and majestic aspect that emerges from this plastic work, it is the result of a fascinating mastery of light, color and space. Obsessed by the pictorial gesture, the artist overturns the norms to translate the power of painting and emotions through the medium of photography.

ENTROPIE, like an oxymoron, reveals the beauty and complexity of our social links and our humanity. Wahib Chehata offers a hymn to life, which, despite the chaos, organizes itself, reconfigures itself and finds a way.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 08 october 2022 to 10 december 2022