Isabel Alonso Vega, Bence Magyarlaki

08.02 – 31.03.2021

« (entre-deux) Corps », a presentation of the residencies of artists Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki, questions, in a singular way, the experience of our being in the world. If the conscious being is in the world through his body, it is also in the world through his impulses and emotions. It is these different elements that Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki present.

At Jardin Rouge, Isabel Alonso Vega experiments with different mediums and immortalizes in her sculptures and drawings the intangible, the uncertain. Her works examine our relationship to fear and suffering. They function as a trap for the gaze, her figures are the abstract expression of reality. They are aggregates of luminous and strangely beautiful places, of unbound and somewhat frightening bodies…

During his residencies in Morocco, Bence Magyarlaki has been interested in the relationship between the body and architecture, exploring also the inner part of our bodies and their sensual expression. Each form is therefore the manifestation of a sensation that we remember or re-experience. Bence Magyarlaki transfigures these forms into bodies that are free from any consideration of gender or belonging.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – from 08 february to 31 march 2021