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Born in Salé in 1993.
She lives and works in Marrakech (Morocco).

Hasnae El Ouarga studied at the Marrakech School of Visual Arts and specialized in cinematography. After graduating in 2015, she collaborated on several documentary films, while continuing her photography practice which she started when she was 14 years old.

An adept of silver photography, her creative process is experimental: from double exposure to photograms to scanning, she never stops looking for new ways to recreate her work, which she defines as the perpetual re-actualisation of the distant and the past that surprise us and arrive in the present. Fragmented echoes, illustrated by images that almost seem to emanate from the unconscious or from the intimate memory of strangers or from places marked by things that time has not been able to erase.

His works have been exhibited at the Hannah Traore Gallery in New York, Galerie 127 in Lille. Comptoir des Mines Gallery in Marrakech.