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Tarek Benaoum, Neuröne, SY, 310

13.02 – 12.03.2015

« Do you speak my language ? »  is the narrative of the daily life of Jardin Rouge, the inscription of diverse visual expressions of Tarek Benaoum, originally from Salé, Neuröne from Marseilles, Sy from Saint Petersburg and 310 from Moscow.

At Jardin Rouge, Tarek Benaoum breaks the codes of his narrative by daring to experiment with abstraction. He transcribes the mix of society in his calligraphy. At the crossroads of East and West, between the great texts of Adonis, Jim Morrison and Khalil Gibran, his canvases emanate a lively ardour, a masterful ductus.

The world of graffiti has fascinated Neuröne since his adolescence. When he arrived in Morocco, the artist was taken aback by the absence of graffiti, and so he worked on recontextualising his adolescent fetish images, using a tricycle and the famous Berliet GLR160 made of multiple layers of paper, which he then sprayed.

Sy is fascinated by the imagery of early video games. The artist seizes on this aesthetic and its seriality to project it onto his canvases. Working on his lettering in a cubic fashion, he models his childhood memories and approaches military parades from multiple angles with an ironic, sometimes critical tone.

Strongly influenced by the work of Roy Lichtenstein, 310 makes the circle his emblem and opens a discussion between Pop art and Street art. During his last residency, he established a dialogue between content and form, creating circular optical games.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 13 february to 12 march 2015