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10.04 – 16.04.2016

« Divine Comédie » is POES playful and sensible response to the prevailing conformism. The artist uses humour and irony to make this series a poetic ode. He underlines the universality and timelessness of this testimony in favour of an uninhibited pictorial narrative, of a line clearly distorted in the space-time relationships.

Under the sun of Marrakech, in Jardin Rouge, the artist revisits the deadly sins to elaborate a hidden critique of the social and political situation of our world. At the heart of humanity, we find numerous allegories of these sins throughout the epics of Man, from Antiquity to our contemporary world. They are always the same sins as the irrevocable character traits of a Man damned and condemned since the original sin. The myths are here the refuge in which POES will draw his imagination for a sublime reinterpretation.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 10 april to 16 april 2016