Denis Tevekov

17.11 – 15.12.2017

Denis Tevekov came to Jardin Rouge for the first time in 2011. Since then, he has been regularly exploring the Moroccan land.

« De l’Oural à l’Atlas » stems from a quest for the absolute and a fascination with the immense Russian and Moroccan spaces. There is a powerful composition in his paintings, a desire to break away, a rejection of dogma, a refusal of illusion. His outbursts of colour and his approach to the material reflect the expression of a pure emotion.

The artist takes a careful look at oriental calligraphy to explore all its territories. Concentric circles, fluid lines, streaks and spots mark his paintings. These are fragments of writing that get lost in his paintings.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 17 november to 15 december 2017