Soumisha DAUTHEL

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Born in 1960
She lives and works in Paris, France.

Nothing predestined this artist, born to a father of Saudi origin and a Russian mother, to embark on the adventure of a form of pictorial asceticism. Torn between the impossibility of human representation and the adoration of icons, Soumisha Dauthel has opted for a third way, that of exuberance.

The essence of her creation lies in the act of painting, in the voluntary dissonance of space and its perception, as if she was striving to reach the extreme boundaries of the territories of painting. Soumisha Dauthel lets her imagination run wild, offering us new images, new possible mysteries. With her cuts and assemblages, the artist arranges fragments of being, a new factory of images. She tests the relationship between the time of memory and the time of life. She plays with colours, lines in movement, the eye listens, the viewer sees what he wants! Her art imposes itself in order to reach a poetic truth… that of the beautiful and the bizarre dear to Charles Baudelaire.

Soumisha Dauthel’s work is part of the collection of the DRAC Champagne Ardenne. She has exhibited in the United States, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg… She recently participated in the MAC Paris event.