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Born in 1991.
She lives and works in Atlanta (USA).

Ariel Danielle is graduated of a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of West Georgia.

Her work is resolutely autobiographical. On large canvases, the artist creates paintings depicting lives and daily experiences of young black women in USA, with a singular generational look at femininity and its representation.

Influenced by the work of Kerry James Marshall and Alice Neel, Ariel Danielle believes strongly in the power of portraiture. She develops personal stories, questioning stereotypes and clichés of her own society. Ariel Danielle makes no claims. By placing herself in her paintings, she opens a door to invite viewers to participate in the beauty of the ordinary and to highlight the banality of realities.

Her work has been shown at Mint ATL, The Goat Farm, ZuCot Gallery, Dalton Gallery, TILA Studios, Trio Contemporary Art Gallery, Perez Museum Miami and California African American Museum.