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Born in 1968.
He lives and works in Benin and France.

His predisposition for art is revealed from childhood, in the practice of drawing and the realization of small objects. In 1988, the school closed due to political turmoil, leaving him time to devote himself totally to creation.

His work is profoundly marked by African culture, of which he still tries to translate the signs ruled by Voodoo: « In Benin, Voodoo is more than a religion, it is a culture, a tradition. »
Recovered metal is his preferred means of expression. From perishable and outdated objects, scraps of our consumer society, the artist creates timeless sculptures intended to defy time. In his hands, the metal becomes anthropomorphic, the assembled pieces create a multitude of very expressive faces that unfold a palette of emotions oscillating between tragic and funny.

He is part of this generation of artists who paved the way for contemporary art in Benin. He participated in the first edition of IN-DISCIPLINE Bénin programme presented by the Montresso* Art Foundation during the 1-54 Fair (Marrakech) and then in the “EXPRESSIONS” space of the CDG Foundation (Rabat).