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Born in 1974. He lives and works in Guérande (France). Cédrix Crespel’s painting is eminently linked to his personal life, the life of a man whose language of love as well as his connection with sensuality have been continuously engaged and distorted. His canvases offer various depictions of femininity and they reinvent standards of desire. In the mid-90s, he abandoned academic drawing, leaving pencil and line, to invent a new figurative language full of liveliness. The elegance of the gesture translated by a vascular line and by vibrating flat colors suggests the curves where the eye is invited to dive. The last four years Cédrix Crespel has initiated a (photography) correspondence with his wife. His work acts in harmony with the source as well as the result of creation in this way. After twenty years of effort and thinking, a concept is born: contemporary, unique and uncompromising. His last works deconstruct his link with depiction, and at the same time, unveil a painting full of sensation and maturity.