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30.10.2021 – 01.04.2022

RERO’s first solo exhibition in Morocco, COMME AVANT… experiments an artistic wandering, a reflection on our time. The artist explores the notions of alterity, hybrid identities and questions…was it really better before?

In the main installation created for the exhibition, RERO invokes an imaginary conversation between modern and contemporary authors (Albert Camus, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Oscar Wilde …) and ancient authors (Nietzsche, Plato …) to leave room for a physical and intellectual experience of man in front of works. No dogma… language games appear, thanks to which, by deconstructing their uses, the artist opens up a plurality of meanings.

At the same time and while echoing this installation, the artist imagines a set of works, like a path between the stoicism of the absurd and the ideal of wisdom. In Jardin Rouge, he experiments with new materials for the event and applies himself to diverting the supports and objects discovered in Morocco from their primary function, in order to make them objects of contemplation. In this way, RERO creates a link between the motif and the context of the existence of an artistic creation.

Exhibition presented from 30 october 2021 to 01 April 2022 at Montresso* art space