YARN 18.03.2023 - 06.05.2023 The transmission of an immaterial and shared feminine heritage is the cornerstone of Tina Tictone’s artistic creation. Her research between France and Morocco has given her the possibility to navigate in other places, other horizons. Strongly influenced by her residencies at Jardin Rouge and the meeting of weavers in the Atlas Mountains, her exploration of tapestry draws a new symbolism from the discovery of Berber culture.

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YEANZI 24.12.2022 – 25.02.2023 Through a corpus of figurative works, the artist invites us to discover a new humanistic and philosophical opus. ECO SYSTEME, developed during the artist’s residencies at Jardin Rouge, questions the human being and the way he inhabits the world. In an anthropological approach, he questions the notion of identity, a timeless, general and major problematic intimately related to Mankind and his evolution.

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Wahib CHEHATA 08.10.2022 – 10.12.2022

In the light of the steps of the great masters of the Renaissance and Romanticism, Wahib Chehata's works offer a dialogue with what preceded us in the history of art. From this past, the artist has certainly kept the exaltation and the mystery, a capacity to juggle between the morbid and the sublime, a pure and subjective creative freedom immersed in compositions from ancient and sacred writings. Memories are here plural and reinterpreted according to the truths of each individual, not to a belief.

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POES 28.05.2022 – 17.07.2022 MESOPOPOES is a playful and joyful interpretation of Mesopotamian writing. In this new body of work, the artist engraves multiple figures from the real and imaginary world.

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Cela doit-il être ? Cela est !

Roxane Daumas 26.03.2021 – 07.05.2022 Cela doit-il être, cela est ! If the title of this presentation refers to the song by Léo Ferré, “Muss es sein ? Es muss sein!”, it also embraces its meaning. To offer knowledge to all, to shift the gaze, to escape the big institutions and allow art to reach universality. The places, like the creations, are essentialized in this vital need for exchange with the greatest number.

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Les enfants de Yopougon – Maroc

Armand Boua 11.12.2021 – 18.02.2022 Native from the city of Abidjan, Armand Boua bases his work on the question of human nature, his culture and his situation within the large African metropolises. From the beginning of his career, after his studies at the Fine Arts School, the artist has been interested in the living conditions of street children, denouncing the precariousness and difficulties they encounter on a daily basis.

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People with beautiful eyes

Ignacio Lobera 02.10 - 20.11.2021 For the past three years, Ignacio Lobera has been a regular guest at the Jardin Rouge. From his research, emerges the will to decipher the ancient memory to put it in perspective with contemporary history. From fiction to reality, classical and modern tragedies have a common language: a character, a guilty action, a punishment.

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Prochain arrêt ?

Pascal Konan 19.04 - 30.06.2021 At Jardin Rouge, Pascal Konan experiences his residency as a laboratory. He explores the art of recycling and imposes on his practice the awareness that everyone must take part in this apprehension. In a context where social divisions and the degradation of our environment are increasing, Pascal Konan evokes in a non-tragic choreography the challenges of tomorrow. We can see the dream and the desire for a different society, for unaligned utopias.

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(Entre-Deux) Corps

Isabel Alonso Vega, Bence Magyarlaki 08.02 - 30.03.2021 « (entre-deux) Corps », a presentation of the residencies of artists Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki, questions, in a singular way, the experience of our being in the world. If the conscious being is in the world through his body, it is also in the world through his impulses and emotions. It is these different elements that Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki present.

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Water, Please

Olivier Monge 07.12.2020 - 17.01.2021 For more than fifteen years, Olivier Monge has travelled the world to photograph the invisible. In Morocco, and more precisely in Marrakech, he has taken up the subject of the city's identity and ancestral heritage to develop a photographic narrative produced during his artistic residencies at Jardin Rouge.

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