Les Canailles


Diane Marissal is born in 1993.
Jérémie Leblanc-Barbedienne is born en 1988.
They live and work in Lille (France).

Diane Marissal and Jérémie Leblanc-Barbedienne, a duo of illustrators from Lille, began their collaboration in 2015 under the studio name “Les Canailles”.

The literary and artistic influences of one combine with the visual and graphic culture of the other. From that emerged a creative work around storytelling, using both collage, painting and silkscreen printing in colorful and abstract compositions with a deliberately reduced color palette. Les Canailles invite the spectator to explore the allegorical dimension of the images in order to recreate a space of spiritual or poetic fiction. They thus open the doors of a universal heritage, during what seems to be a daydream.