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Born in 1989.
He lives and works in Krasnoyarsk (Russia).

Yuri Averin is a young Russian artist. Raised in a creative and feminine universe, he became interested in spiritual knowledge and philosophy at a very young age. This knowledge forms the basis of his relationship with the outside world.
Voluntarily outside any consideration of time, the artist finds his inspiration in music and in the atmosphere of the places he passes through. In this way, he creates an abstract language, leaving the viewer free to find the answers to his questions himself. In this process, the artist defines himself only as a guide, who transmits the impulse and proposes a pause, a meditation in front the artwork.

A lover of pure colors, the contrasts of time affect the range he chooses to use. His ideal combination evokes a moment of harmony and balance, a vision of a new paradigm.

A multidisciplinary artist, Yuri Averin takes advantage of his numerous stays at the Jardin Rouge (Marrakech) to experiment with new materials and enrich his work.