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Au delà du monde

29.10.2022 – 21.01.2023

Dominique Zinkpè’s approach is complex and diversified. Far from being restricted to plastic writing, he appropriates all kinds of mediums, as long as they allow him to express himself: installation, drawing, painting, video. By browsing his work, it seems obvious that he has no aspiration to be locked up in a single process of creativity but rather being in an openness of the matter and the thought.

In his process, the writing and the book connect the works to an invisible but always present world, the one of knowledge and memories transmission. Zinkpè’s work is either an invitation to a meditative contemplation or an upheaval of the imagination, incorporating canvas that appear as books and sculptures that rethink the role of a creative work merging matters and thoughts. In an amalgam of acrylic, canvas, wood, steel and other materials, his works give life to real and imaginary stories, where the ideas of passage, transformation and liberation are incorporated in a pulsating and fictional universe.

Influenced by his several stays at Jardin Rouge, the visual language of Zinkpè is reinvented in a corpus of introspective and daring works. In an interplay of sculpture, painting, drawing and installation, Au-delà du monde proposes a surpassing of the pictorial representation in order to open the horizon to the potentials of the dream and the spirit.

Discover this exhibition from October 29th 2022 to January 21th 2023, 2022.