Roxane Daumas

15.10 – 30.11.2018

« Architectures Inachevées » is in line with a visual research on fluctuating territories, a research that took root in Italy and continued in Morocco.

In this presentation, Roxane Daumas, a talented visual artist, presents eleven black stone drawings and a series of Polaroids on human immoderation, represented here by thoughtless constructions.

Each drawing is based on a photograph. Their blackness reveals lines and suggests aborted intentions that rush into the depth of darkness. The light sculpts the spaces, the lines impose themselves, a fictitious reality is born, the initial essence disappears. These unfinished architectures become the emblematic remains of our time. The Polaroids set the scene and announce the field of investigation. Their passage through airport X-rays has deteriorated the chemistry and gives the rendered images a timeless aspect.

Eaten away by time, stigmata of an era of unreasonable real estate speculation, these concrete skeletons become the temples, witnesses and paradigm of our contemporary incoherence.

Jardin Rouge Residency – Salle des Casques – From 15 october to 30 november 2018.