Cyrille ANDRÉ

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Born in 1972.
Lives and works in Marseille (France).

A graduate of the ESAD in Grenoble, Cyrille André has built his plastic reflection around the origins and nature of the human species. Finding in sculpture the medium suitable for expressing his formal interrogations in phase with the inconstancy and complexity of the human being, it is above all the animal part inside the human being that is raised in the work of Cyrille André.

Monumental sculptures in bronze, aluminum and wood are erected in hybrid and androgynous morphologies, evoking both a proximity between beings and an irrevocable solitude in human existence. The massiveness of the material is built in tension with the emotional subtlety suggested by the works of Cyrille André. Based on ancient and contemporary myths, his sculptures become a means to apprehend the political and ecological issues of our present.

His sculptures have found their way into important private collections in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, as well as public collections, notably in Guincamp and Évreux in France.