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Born in 1968.
She lives and works in Madrid (Spain).

Isabel Alonso Vega graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. She is also a member of the Madrid-based collective URGEL3, which supports and promotes artists.

There are different ways of approaching the world, Isabel Alonso Vega approaches it through curiosity « humans need to know, but what binds us above all is the immensity of the unknown ». With chance and experimentation as her only premises, Isabel Alonso Vega finds her inspiration in her observation of the people and elements that surround her. For her, it is a question of highlighting, through allegorical work, the place of the shadow in our emotions.

Her vaporous works seem to have no mass, no density. The intangible thus appears static. By modulating the material like smoke and gold, she houses organic forms in her evanescent prints.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Europe such as Löwenbrau Kunst Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland), Ulf Larsson Gallery (Cologne, Germany), White Noise Gallery (Rome, Italy), etc. In 2018, Isabel Alonso Vega is featured in the Norlinda y José Lima, Gerry Bonetty and Bracken Darrel collections.